How To LOOK AFTER Relaxed Hair If You're A NORMAL Swimmer

One of the biggest mistakes ladies make is convinced that their locks can be totally forgotten about just because they wear a weave or a wig. After giving the salon, quality health care is needed to maintain your perm. Deep fitness treatments will be the only way to keep healthy, glistening curls,” says JC. She swears by the wild hair rejuvenation product called Zen Attention Wonder Treatment. Cho also highly suggests using deep detoxification shampoos to prevent dry scalps and bust product build-up.
If you wish to work with your hair (whether you relax or you're natural), it's best to get the mane saturated with water and add a little conditioner to it before hitting the normal water. The hair can only absorb but very much water so it's best it not be chlorine nor sodium water. You will want to skip shampoo and do mostly co-washes (purifying the hair with conditioner) to prevent drying the scalp out further. I also recommend air drying the wild hair as recurrent blow drying can be too severe. Cleansing the head of hair prior to going to bed and wrapping it with a silk or satin scarf works because your scalp can dry while you sleep. Putting some Moroccanoil Treatment in the head of hair helps to speed up drying.
After you leave the salon as well as your hair's the perfect shade, you feel just like a million bucks. Hair color is very an investment in your appearance, and also you want it to stay looking great. So wait around at least a complete day before washing it. After that, make an effort to shampoo only two to three times weekly to keep the color really true. On the days you miss shampooing, you can still use conditioner.
Now you can stop worrying. Here's your comprehensive guide to caring for silver hair. First, you'll learn how to get the look if you haven't done so already (or pick up tips to work with in the future for those who have already tried the colour, but aren't thrilled with how it turned out), then I'll offer you a handful of maintenance exercises - complete with videos - to help you keep your silvery to take care of dyed hair yahoo answers
When it comes to wild hair type, no mane is the same. Some people (usually if you are blessed with thick wild hair) are fortunate to escape with a every week wash, some prefer three times weekly or almost every other day plus some chicks can't endure to go per day without hitting the shampoo container - but something we can all agree on is the fact that limp, lanky hair are never ideal.
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